How to Choose the Right Bankruptcy Attorney

Filing for bankruptcy can be a complicated process and a stressful one as well and in case you make mistakes there is a high chance that your case will be rejected by the court. It is therefore in your best interest to work with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. These are some tips that you should use for finding an experienced and qualified bankruptcy attorney.

Look online for an advocate who specializes in bankruptcy rather than lawyers who specialize in multiple areas. Review the website of the advocate to know where they went to school and the duration they have been practicing bankruptcy law. If they are certified it means that they are specialized in their field and has proven expertise in bankruptcy law.

It is also essential for you to know what the advantages and disadvantages are when working with an attorney from a large bankruptcy firm as opposed to someone from a smaller firm. Sometimes big firms with very many lawyers will charge higher fees but they might be having a lot of experienced attorneys who know their way around the court system. Regardless of whether you decide to work with an attorney from a large or small firm make sure that you are not lost in the shuffle in case the advocate is over worked.

Get in touch with your state bar association as they have a list of practicing bankruptcy attorneys in your area. You can find the website of your state bar association by writing in search engines the name of your state and the words state bar or state bar association. You will find most bar association websites that offer lawyer referral services linking you to lawyer who is found in your location. Due to the fact that state bar associations reviews complaints about attorneys there are some websites that will reveal whether the advocates listed in their database have had any disciplinary action taken against them.

Some good information can be found in this website.

It is also essential for one to look for attorney reviews online. There are websites that can connect one with all types of information in regard to an advocate that you have in mind with their past clients. If most of their previous clients have negative things to say about them and that they had a bad experience dealing with the advocate you should consider looking for someone else. You do not want to go through what these clients went through and waste your time and money.

Inquire about the experience of the attorney as well. It is not recommended to work with an advocate who mainly deals with family law matters such as divorce but they are willing to handle your bankruptcy case on the side. Bankruptcy law is quite complex and it changes with time. Look for an advocate who only specializes in bankruptcy law and has had a lot of experience with similar cases to yours. Find out the number of bankruptcy cases that they have handled so far.

It is also essential for you to ask for referrals and then get in touch with them. A good and open advocate will be willing to provide you with contact information for several clients that they have worked with. Ask them about the abilities of the attorney and their reliability. They should also tell you how it is they handle their case and also their willingness to evaluate all options before they decide on filing for bankruptcy.

Do not let the amount of fees that the attorney asks you be the only determining factor. Take your time to look for a bankruptcy attorney and you are sure to find yourself the best.